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Most of us are familiar with the holiday poem that begins, ’Twas the night before Christmas… It captures the quiet anticipation in many homes as they wait to wake for Christmas morning. But have you ever considered what was happening in the lives of people and throughout the land on the night before that first Christmas? In many ways our world still reflects the busyness, the indifference, and the longing found in the lives of many people that day over 2000 years ago. Invite your friends and family to join you as we take a fresh look at the sights, sounds, and characters on the night before the Christ Child came. 

12.03   ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

12.10   Busy in Bethlehem // Dr. Ladd Haverly, Connections & Administration Pastor

12.17   Indifferent In Rome // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

12.24   Waiting in Jerusalem // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor.   

            Christmas Eve Services @ 5:00 pm & 6:30 pm

12.31   ‘Twas the Day After Christmas // Jeremiah Howze, Youth Pastor  

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