New Sermon Series // Seven Letters to Seven Churches

What if Jesus wrote a letter to our church? What would He encourage? What would He challenge? What would His desire be for His church?  Well, fortunately we don’t have to wonder.  In Revelation 2-3, Jesus personally delivers a message to seven real (but very different) churches that existed during the first century. These seven letters provide insight into the spiritual health of seven ancient churches and even though these churches existed 2,000 years ago, the issues that Jesus addresses are the exact same issues that we, the church of today, still face.  In this new sermon series, we will examine the seven letters written to the seven churches, with the goal of better understanding and applying what it is that Jesus desires for Gateway Christian Church -- now and in our future.


06.03        Dear Forgetful Church // Revelation 2:1-7 / Dr. Ladd Haverly, Connections & Admin. Pastor

06.10        Dear Suffering Church // Revelation 2:8-11/ Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

06.17        Dear Compromising Church // Revelation 2:12-17 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

06.24        Dear Wayward Church // Revelation 2:18-29 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

07.01        Dear Slumbering Church // Revelation 3:1-6 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

07.08        Dear Enduring Church // Revelation 3:7-13 / Dr. Ladd Haverly, Connections & Admin. Pastor

07.15        Dear Lukewarm Church // Revelation 3:14-22 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor


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