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OCTOBER SERMON SERIES:  FOOTSTEPS OF FAITH // Study Through the Book of Joshua

Have you ever felt stuck in your faith journey?  Don’t worry, most people have. It’s easy to lose our focus and get detoured from the direction God had us going. In the book of Joshua, God’s people found themselves going forward and then getting stuck on their journey into the promised land. With each footstep, they discovered His promises could only be realized when they remained faithful to His directions and depended upon His strength and not their own. Join us for this series as we discover the pitfalls that get us in a rut and the footsteps of faith that will get us unstuck.

10.01 Retaking Lost Ground // Joshua 8 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

10.08 Staying On Guard // Joshua 9 / Dr. Ladd Haverly, Executive Pastor

10.15 Fighting New Battles // Joshua 10 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

10.22 Taking the Mountain // Joshua 14 / Ragan Washington, Worship & Discipleship Pastor

10.29 Leaving A Legacy // Joshua 23-24 / Karl Schad, Senior Pastor 


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