Current Series: God Give Me A New Heart

SERMON SERIES // RED Talks / Stories Worth Sharing

 Long before TED Talks, Jesus was presenting powerful ideas worth sharing. His ideas echo throughout eternity with revolutionary and life-giving power.  These talks have been captured in the red letter sections of our Bibles and they have transformed people from all walks of life. Join us for this RED Talks series as we witness this transformation firsthand and celebrate these stories worth sharing.

03.03 The Secret to Being a Good Neighbor // Luke 10:25-37 

Amy Bollinger, Mission STL // John Bollinger, Discipleship Pastor // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

03.10 How to Outlive Your Investments // Luke 12:13-21

Danny Nelson, ReStart STL // Jeremy Cowan, Gateway Elder // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

03.17 Why Our Table Needs to Be Bigger // Luke 14:12-24 

Dr. Tunji & Temi Toriola // Jeremiah Howze, Student Pastor 

03.24 Lessons from the Lost and Found Box // Luke 15:11-32 //

Jennifer Chesnutt // Harris Schiff // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

03.31 The Case for Being More Secular // Luke16:1-13

Nathan Klever // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor 

04.07 3 Regrets from Beyond the Grave // Luke 16:19-31

Karen Baker // Susan Reeves // John Bollinger, Discipleship Pastor

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