Current Series: LIVE Generously


Halloween is the second largest retail holiday of the year. We can't escape its influence on today's culture. But there is another Spirit that we don't hear as much about.  This series looks at the Third Person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit (aka: The Holy Ghost). He gives extraordinary power to ordinary people. He prays for us. He comforts us during times of pain. He leads us into all truth. He helps us in our weakness.  Light up the campfire and grab some S’mores as we tell some Holy Ghost Stories.

10.07  The Friendly Ghost // His Presence // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor 

10.14  Afraid of the Dark? // His Power // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

10.21 Trick or Treat? // His  Provision // Karl Schad, Senior Pastor

10.28  Guest Missionary Speaker //  Ybene Dalla, Pastor & Missionary w/ God’s Ministry in LaGonave 

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