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Blind Spots

Posted by Karl Schad on

And Jesus said, "For judgment I came into this world, so that those who do not see may see, and that those who see may become blind."
John 9:39

We've all been there.  Your blinker is on as you change lanes and then another vehicle appears out of nowhere, causing you to swerve quickly back into your lane. You think to yourself, "I didn't even see them! Where did they come from?" If you've spent time behind the wheel of a car, then you're familiar with the concept of "blind spots" - those areas in our field of vision that become obstructed by the structure of our car, our position, our passengers, and sometimes (many times in my case) our lack of thoroughly looking. Ignoring our blind spots can endanger  ourselves and those around us. 

I've found that I have more blind spots when I'm not behind the wheel. I have ideas and opinions about structures, my place in life, and the people around me that create blind spots. When I'm not asking the Holy Spirit to help me thoroughly look into these areas, I can swerve in and out of life, endangering myself and those around me. Unfortunately, I've gotten myself in some jams and wrecked a few relationships. I need Jesus to open my eyes to my blind spots. We all do.

Jesus invokes the contrasting imagery of blindness and sight many times in His teachings. In John 9, His teaching come to life through a man born blind. After Jesus heals him, the rule-keeping Pharisees question whether it is a miracle of God - because he was healed on the  Sabbath. Jesus' response in verse 39 challenges us to take a look into our own lives. Are there ideas, opinions, and presumptions that are obstructing our ability to see what God is doing? It's scary to think that He will let them continue to be blind spots if we choose ignore them. But it's even more encouraging to know that if we recognize our condition and come to Him - He will restore our sight. 
Praying God will remove our blind spots,

~Pastor Karl

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