Who is Jesus?

When you come to Gateway, you will see that everything centers around Jesus Christ.  That's because Jesus is what, well, EVERYTHING is all about.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus Loves Us

He is not merely a historical figure.  He is not some distant being.  He loves us so much that he was willing to die for us.  He is there for all who seek him.  He's our advocate before the Father.  He asks us to give him our burdens and anxieties.  When we believe, he begins to transform us and mold us into someone who is like Him.

Jesus Rescues Us

Jesus Christ lived a sinless life, then went to the cross to take the punishment that people deserve for their rebellion against God.  It's a free gift.  We just need to accept it by placing our faith in Him.

Jesus Provides Life After Death

Three days after being crucified, Jesus was raised from the dead and appeared to many eyewitnesses.  That means death itself is conquered, and we may have eternal life with Him.  Jesus still lives today and will one day return to the earth to remove all sorrow, all sin, all shame, and all sadness.

Jesus is God

Jesus is not merely a man, not merely a prophet or good teacher.  He was with God and was God before the creation of the earth.  The fact that he left his throne to live as a human means that we have a God who understands our pains and struggles. 

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