Whether you're gathering online or on campus, we are glad God led you to Gateway. It doesn't matter how you're dressed, how many tattoos you have, or what High School you attended— you matter to God and to us. We are a family of imperfect people sharing the perfect love of God. 

June Sermon Series

IMITATORS OF GOD // If you were an athlete and your coach expected you to imitate Michael Jordan or Serena Williams, would you think that was an achievable goal or not? If you were taking a cooking class and the instructor challenged you to cook like Rachel Ray or Gordon Ramsey, would you be encouraged or intimidated? If your music teacher expected you to sing like Kelly Clarkson or play like Beethoven, would you even try?

Yet the Bible challenges us to “be imitators of God.” How in the world can we do that? God is the Sovereign Creator of the universe— where would we even start? Join us for this summer series about Who God is and how we can live for something bigger than ourselves.