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As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

Proverbs 27:17

Life Groups 
 Nothing is better than community. Whether you are brand new to following Jesus or have been for years, we believe that the intentional relationships you find in a life group are the ideal place to connect and grow.  We have groups that meet all throughout the greater St. Louis area.
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Groups and Classes at Gateway 
Groups help you find community and build the kind of friendships we all need to live out our faith. During this season, we have online study groups as well as groups and classes meeting in person (with social distancing in place). These will encourage you to grow stronger in your relationship with God and discover your purpose so you can impact your world. We have groups and classes for everyone, to help you grow together, learn together,  and build meaningful friendships.

Sunday Morning Groups

(In-person or via  Zoom)

Seekers at 10:30am - This quarter's lessons focus on God’s calling of individuals to specific ministries, according to His plans.  The lessons, all from the New Testament, are taken from the Gospels, Acts, and several of Paul’s epistles.  In God’s word we see a broad calling of all people to salvation, but we also see a narrower calling of certain individuals (both men and women) to specific ministries in the church.
Carpe Diem at 10:30am - Carpe Diem (Latin for "seize the day") focuses on fellowship, prayer, and study.  In 2021 we are working our way through the Harmony of the Gospels with specific focus on the Life of Christ.
Facilitators:  Lore & Bjørn Thommesen  
Teacher:  Terry Linhardt
Logos at 10:30am - We are currently discussing the Book of Acts and look forward to having you join us! Our class loves deep discussion and good fellowship.
Facilitators:  Mike Biggs & Jim Kremer

Sunday Morning Classes

(Offered in-person)
STARTING POINT - Live for Christ
We all come from diverse backgrounds, faith traditions and spiritual interests.  You might be new to this whole Jesus thing, new to St. Louis or new to Gateway and you are ready to start a new chapter in your walk with God.  That is the goal of this course, to help you on your journey.
(second Sunday each month)
To sign up for the next Starting Point class, email our Connections Pastor John Bollinger at

NEXT STEP - Grow in Christ

We believe that being a follower of Christ is much more than “I believe in Christ, and now I can go to heaven.”  Although that is a true statement, placing your faith in Christ is the beginning of a journey, not the end of one.  This class will help you see past the benefits of belief and steer you towards the responsibilities, as well as the blessings, that come with growing closer to Christ.
(upcoming dates TBA)

NEXT STEP - Serve Like Christ

The purpose of this class is to discover how our service relates to God’s mission.  God has every single one of us with different gifts, talents and abilities and this class will also you to discover how God has designed us so we can serve him in a unique way.
(upcoming dates TBA)

NEXT STEP - Make Disciples of Christ

This course is designed to answer that big, important question, “What’s Next?”  During this class we focus on Jesus’ final command and commission to “Go and make disciples”.
(upcoming dates TBA)