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Gateway Groups

You were made for community! When Christian brothers and sisters gather in a group setting, they connect on a soul level and encourage one another toward a deeper relationship with God Himself. In communities of faith like these, we have opportunities to care for each other, support each other and authentically challenge each other to grow in our journey toward Christ likeness. Check out one of Gateway’s groups to continue growing in the grace and truth of Jesus!
If you've attended a Gateway Group (Sundays, Wednesdays, Weekdays or Special Groups), we'd love to hear from you! Click here to answer a brief survey about your experiences in Gateway Groups.

Sunday Groups

9:00 AM


Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: 210
Leaders: Mike Biggs & Jim Kremer

Women's Group

Who: Adult women, mixed ages
Room: 106
Leader: Paula Reed

Young Adults

Who: Mixed, ages 18-25
Room: 211
Leaders: Jake & Ally Welch


Who: Mixed, 6th–12th grades
Room: Student Center
Leaders: Pastor Jeremiah & youth leaders

10:30 AM

Carpe Diem

Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: 210
Leaders: Bjørn Thommesen


Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: 112
Leader: Brian Barnard & Tim Worley

Servants of God

Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: 109
Leaders: John & Angie Turigliatto

Wednesday Groups

Theology Group

Who: Adults, mixed age
Room: 112
Leader: Terry Linhardt


Who: Mixed, 6th–12th grades
Room: Student Center
Leader: Pastor Jeremiah & youth leaders

Young Adult Group

Who: Adults, ages 18-25
Room: 109
Leader: Steve Naglak

Bollinger Life Group

Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: Conference Room (2nd Floor)
Leaders: John & Amy Bollinger

Women's Study Group

Who: Adult women, mixed ages
Room: 210
Leader: Laura Dalla

Kendrick/Bender Life Group

Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: 106
Leader: Jared & Katie Kendrick; Abbey Bender

Huckabay Life Group

Open Life Group

Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: 110
Leader: Josh & Andrea Huckabay
Who: Adults, mixed ages
Room: The Nook (1st Floor)
Leader: Karl Schad

Weekday Groups


Borders Life Group

Leaders: Russ & Shari Borders
Location: Manchester

Hopkins Life Group

Leaders: Shawn & Jenny Hopkins
Location: Saint Ann

Howze Life Group

Leaders: Jeremiah & Kendra Howze
Location: Florissant


Kremer Life Group

Leaders: Jim & Fran Kremer
Location: Chesterfield

Woodruff Life Group

Leaders: Dave & Pam Woodruff
Location: Manchester


Kendrick/Bender Life Group

Huckabay Life Group

Leaders: Jared & Katie Kendrick; Abbey Bender
Location: Gateway (Room 106)
Leaders: Josh & Andrea Huckabay
Location: Gateway (Room 110)

Young Professionals Life Group

Leaders: John & Amy Bollinger
Location: Gateway (Conference Room)


Reeves Life Group

Leaders: Bob & Susan Reeves
Location: South County


Welch Life Group

Leaders: Jake & Ally Welch
Location: Fenton

Special Groups

Women's LiFT Group

(Ladies in Fellowship Together)
1st Friday of the month
Leaders: LiFT Committee Team
Location: Various times & locations

DivorceCare Group

Sundays @ 6:00 pm
Leader: Paula Reed
Location: Gateway (Room 210)

Men's Breakfast Group

2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month
Leader: Chris Ullrich
Location: Gateway (Coffee House)

Dynamic Marriage Course

Fridays @ 6:00 pm, beginning September 22
Leaders: Chris & Kyleen Carroll
Location: Gateway (Room 210)

Midweek Missions Group

Wednesdays @ 3:00 pm
Leader: Tara Boggs
Location: Gateway (Room 106)

Groundskeeping Group

Various times; contact church office
Leader: Dan Limbaugh
Location: Gateway