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Gateway Missions

Gateway Christian Church seeks to make Christ known in our own back yard and around the globe.  For that reason, we support missions all over the world.  Through your giving to Gateway Christian Church, you invest in the mission partnerships listed below.

Current Mission Partnerships

Casas Por Cristo

Josh & Ally Crabbs // Headquarters at El Paso, Texas


Zachary & Bethany Firsick // Middle East

New International

Caleb & Elena Elkins // Scotland

Voice for Life

Daniel & Katie // Balkins

Casas Por Cristo


Love the Lou

Mission: St. Louis

St. Louis Reconciliation Network

New International

Next Steps



Shiloh Christian Children's Ranch

High Hill Christian Camp

Ozark Christian College

Score International


Watch God work through your generosity.

Without giving hearts like yours, these missionaries can't continue their life changing work. Give today, and let's see what God can do through a faithful few.