Gateway is SWERVE-ing with Love The Lou again this year.
Lucas Rouggly has identified a list of projects to complete as Gateway teams on Saturday, July 10.

There are options for all ages so this is for families, not just adults!
Please sign up for the project that best fits your interests and skill levels; more detailed descriptions will be sent to you in the confirmation email once you have selected where you wish to serve.

 LTL General Gardens Team (40–50 people):  outdoor team for all ages and all skill levels
 LTL Gardens Construction Team (6-10 people):  outdoor team of skilled construction workers
 Ed Team (4 –6 people):  outdoor team for those handy and patient with IKEA products
 Hospitality Team (6 people):  team of all ages to grill and package lunches
 Tawana Team (10 people):  team for all ages and skill levels to install/set up a basketball hoop, do other repairs
 Champale Team (10 people):  outdoor team for all ages and skills to clean yards/lots, do minor repairs
Cynthia Team (15-20 people): outdoor gardening team for all ages and all skill levels
 Janis Team (10 people): indoor and outdoor team of people with roofing (flat roof), drywall/plaster, repair skills  
 Desirae Team (10-15 people): indoor team for all ages to move/reorganize food pantry
 Additional Projects (team members TBD): If you have a special skill or talent that you would like to use to serve in the Kingdom, we want to know about it. During this day we will also try to add one or two projects that are new.

Questions? Contact Lucas Rouggly at